Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

The highly experienced Richbase team has deep expertise with industry-leading data analytics and visualization tools and can deliver the most effective business intelligence solutions. We help our clients better understand critical business metrics and assist them in leveraging data to make more informed, strategic decisions. Our data analytics and visualization practice builds sophisticated, yet practical solutions that allow organizations to better interact with their data, enable the extraction of meaningful insights, and provide opportunities for improved data analysis and reporting.


Data Integration and Cloud Computing

Richbase Solutions can help you reduce costs and complexity, and achieve efficiency and scalability by integrating your organizational data to the cloud and develop Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions on the cloud to improve your business operations and profitability. Our data integration and cloud computing practice provides the expertise to help clients determine what applications could benefit from cloud hosting and develop strategic plans for reducing spend on physical infrastructure. We assist clients in consolidating large volumes of data to cloud platforms and provide technical support in leveraging the computing power offered by leading technological powerhouses including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Oracle Cloud.


Information System Infrastructure

We build middleware infrastructure solutions that enable timely, reliable, continuous and secure access to business information by integrating heterogeneous information data stores and technologies. The information technology infrastructure of any organization evolves from day to day, which leads to the existence of legacy systems requiring new system implementations to meet the needs of different business units. Our system infrastructure practice can help create applications and services for accessing data from heterogeneous systems in a secure and reliable manner. We provide Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to enable easy updates to business process and procedures.The SOA builds the security infrastructure, enables different service level agreements (SLA) and changeability, and facilitates monitoring and auditing capability to the business and infrastructure services.

Project Management

Richbase Solutions provides support for the management of new and ongoing technology projects, ensuring that projects complete on time, and with minimal client disruption. Our team proactively listens to your needs and translates those ideas into a comprehensive technology solution specific to your business model. From start to finish, we work with you to understand your unique business goals and custom designs technical solutions with detailed project management. The team seamlessly prepares the integration of existing systems and the deployment of new assets.